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[audio]fantasia - fantasia
Keywords: fantasia
Downloads: 321
[audio]vaughanwilliams_fantasia.mp3 - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Keywords: Fantasia
Downloads: 100
[audio]Fantasia - coral veus de la terra
cançó: fantasia coral veus de la terra
Keywords: fantasia
Downloads: 45
[audio]IUMA: Fantasia
Fantasia is a an all female rock-n-roll band formed by sisters Kelly and Heather Madden with long-time friend Barbara Genetin. Fantasia has played the SF Bay Area club scene since the 90's. In 2001 they were joined by bassist Melinda Marks and are writing new original material. "Welcome," their impressive four-song CD, displays the band's heavy side. Their music transcends depth and dimension with insightful lyrics, jammin' guitar riffs,and a heavy groovin' rhythm section...
Keywords: Fantasia
Downloads: 8
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode1 - The Rev
Where it begane
Keywords: retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 11
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 18- The New Genesis Ciel's Mega Drive - The Rev
it took longer to encode than it did to Film. When we last Left The Rev and Dr Levesque they were ready to go to War........ so what happens now? Well WE FINALLY have a premise for this damn show after 18 Episodes SO what greatness is covered this episode? TMTN: The Mutant Warriors (AKA Torunament fighters) SNES version MMPR THE FIGHTING- SNES Pretty Fighter- SNES Osu Karate Bu- SNES Guardian Heroes- XBOX 360 AND THEN...........
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 92
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 23 Push the Button - The Rev
Episode the 23rd and the last episode before I am forced to take a few weeks off due to the venue we tape in being unavailable. This episode we cover Mega Man 10, some random arcade games, Virtual On Ontario Tangram and our main featured game Skullgirls, Plus the Rev's antics when he was NOT at E3 Episode 24 is going to be something radically different than what you are used to from us. Oh don't worry it will still be retrocade...but it'll be...different.
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 13
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 20- Fantasiacon - The Rev
HOLY SHIT FARTS it's back it's actually back Retrocade is truly back!!!!! That's right after an asked for vacation and many many difficulties Retrocade Fantasia has returned!!!!! It's as good as it's always been not better nor worse just as good as ever. We can't however say we have alot of great games for you this episode as the Rev played alot of shit. In this huge 20th episode We pay tribute to Toonami by playing some games based off anime that aired on Cartoon Network's Legendary block...
Keywords: retrocade fantasia
Downloads: 92
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 21 - The Rev
This Synopsis was written before the episode was even done. With this episode I begin redoing games I've already done in the first 4 episodes since the quality on them was shit in this episode I redo Shikigami No Shiro III from the Pilot and Run Saber from Episode 2. We'll even show you a short montage of just HOW BAD the show used to look. Also covered is Kid Chameleon for the Megasis and a very interesting Rom Hack For Sonic 2 called Sonic 2 Heroes...
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 40
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 16- Tales from the Arcade - The Rev
This fortnight on Retrocade Fantasia the Rev tells you some stories from days gone by...TALES FROM THE ARCADE. We're keeping the games list secret.
Keywords: retrocade fantasia
Downloads: 53
[audio]01 Hace Mucho Mucho Tiempo
Keywords: Grand Fantasia
Downloads: 80
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 22 - The Rev
The 1 year anniversary celebration continues Games today include- Gleam of Force (PC) Ninja Warriors Again (SFC) Sin and Punishment (NShitty4) Rockman 7 (SFC) Street Fighter X Tekken (XBOX 360) Garou Mark of the Wolves (XBOX 360) Street Fighter III 3rd Strike On Line (XBOX 360)
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 26
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 9 Oppai on my Chin Chin - The Rev
This Episode has been brought to you by TITS We have a battle between 3 3d Fighter franchises A Playstation classic, Race Queens, our first Neo Geo Pocket game and some Satrun and PC Engine classics. Games Covered this Episode Battle- Dead or Alive 4 VS Virtua Fighter 5 VS Tekken 6 Playstation- Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Playstation- Ridge Racer Type 4/Ridge Racer Turbo Super Graphix- Alydnes PC Engine CD- Valis III Sega Saturn- Thunder Force V Sega Saturn- Asuka 120% Burning Fest LIMITED Neo Geo ...
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 242
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Epiosde 10 - The Rev
Episode 10 begins the Smitty Trilogy as Dr Levesque and The Rev get an intern Smitty but Smitty is a halfwit who needs to have sense beaten into him. Will Smitty defy his new boss? ON the game end we pay the Arcades tribute with these games PSX Namco Museium 1-5 -Galaga -Pac man -Pole Position -Xevious -Gaplus -Dig Dug -Ms Pac Man -Ordyne -Pac Mania And these Arcade games: Rolling Thunder Tekken 2 TMNT Turtles in Time Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Final Fight Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou Ketsui Radar ...
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 32
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Episode 8 The Great Console Wars of 1991-1996 - The Rev
WATCH MORE RETROCADE FANTASIA! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS Anyways with that demand I have decided to tone down the content a bit to try to reach a wider audience. IE I have decided to stop swearing like a sailor sure the excessive profanity made the show pretty funny to watch esp when drunk or high but the younguns can't watch the show. I can be funny without f-bombs....and I AM. In today's Epic longer than usual episode I take a look at several 16 bit gamses as we relive the 16 bit wars of the 1990s...
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 36
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia episode 17 Play Time Is Over - THE REV
This is the unedited version of Retrocade Fantasia episode 17 Dr Levesque and the Rev...GO TO WAR WITH EACH OTHER when an episode SUPPOSED to be dedicated to the gaming culture of France Turns into a battle for Shmup Supremacy. In this episode Kirby's Dreamland Rayman Advance MC Kids Contra Super Mario Bros 3 The Rev VS Dr Levesque Cave shoot off ESPGaluda Ketsui ESP.RA.De Ibara Pink Sweets ESPGALUDA II
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia
Downloads: 77
Keywords: programa; fantasia
Downloads: 248
[audio]BFM 29 - 20 de Febrero de 2010 - Fantasia (2) - BFM - El bueno, el feo y el malo
Segundo de los programas dedicados a las BSOS de películas de fantasí­a.
Keywords: BFM; Generos; Fantasia
Downloads: 3
[movies]Retrocade 20 deleted scenes - The Rev
You Tube's filter is broken here's the shit that didn't make it
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia Deleted scenes
Downloads: 12
[audio]Ultrafast Roteirizando Batman E Super Homem - Battousai, o Retalhador
podcast sobre fantasia
Keywords: batman; super man; fantasia
Downloads: 123
[audio]Ultrafast 11 Series Da Fox - Ultrateam
Keywords: podcast; fantasia; brasil
Downloads: 225
[texts]Noite De Lupanar - Raul Simões
Conto Fantástico
Keywords: Conto Fantasia Ficção Ciêntifica
Downloads: 9
[audio]Ultracast Dragões! - Ultrateam
podcast de fantasia do site ultrafantasia.com
Keywords: dragões; fantasia; podcast
Downloads: 250
[audio]Six Bagatelles, Op. 126 & Fantasia - Beethoven
Beethoven: Six Bagatelles, Op. 126 and Fantasia in G minor, Op. 77. Artur Schnabel, Piano. Recorded in London on January 13 & 14, 1937. Transfer from the Angel LP COLH-66 "Great Recordings of the Century". (Side 2. Side 1 is posted separately.) Transfer by Bob Varney.
Keywords: Beethoven; Schnabel; Bagatelle; Fantasia
Downloads: 245
[audio]Fantasia in F - UWM Honors Orchestra
Beautiful, slow song composed by Tracey Rush.
Keywords: honors orchestra; fantasia
Downloads: 946
[texts]Tod Robbins "Pensamientos Rojos" - Tod Robbins
Relato de Clarence Aaron "Tod" Robbins (1919)
Keywords: Tod Robbins; fantasia; terror
Downloads: 96
Downloads: 13
[audio]Fantasia (figures J - P)
An unnaccompanied sample of the piece Fantasia for Euphonium by Jacob. Taken from measures J to P.
Keywords: Fantasia; Euphonium; Jacob
Downloads: 33
[texts]ما تحت الشعور - سمر الجيار
قصص قصيرة لسمر الجيار من مدونة رؤابيس
Keywords: fantasia; terror; short stories
Downloads: 9
[audio]ARKHAM 3 - URY
Downloads: 27
[audio]Ultracast Robôs - Ultrateam!
Podcast sobre fantasia e sci-fi
Keywords: fantasia; sci-fi; robôs
Downloads: 87
[texts]La Llama Eterna (Obra De Teatro) - Abraham Heredia Cabrera
Obra de teatro infantil de temática fantástica.
Keywords: Teatro infantil fantasia
Downloads: 25
[texts]SALSA DE TOMATE - Hanns Heinz Ewers
Relato de Hanns Heinz Ewers (1905)
Keywords: Horror; Fantasia; Literatura Alemana
Downloads: 132
[audio]BFM 28 - 13 de Febrero de 2010 - Fantasia (1) - BFM - El bueno, el feo y el malo
Bandas sonoras de pelí­culas de fantasí­a.
Keywords: BFM; Generos; Fantasia
Downloads: 8
[movies]Retrocade Sega Episode 1 Karous Milestone shooting collection 2 - The Rev
Retrocade Sega debuts with a look at...A wii Game? Yeah go figure
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia Karous
Downloads: 50
[audio]Ultrafast 04 Game Of Thrones S 03 E 04
Podcast brasileiro sobre Game of Thrones. Do site http://www.ultrafantasia.com
Keywords: podcast; martin; serie; fantasia
Downloads: 5,056
[audio]Chiocciolina - Sandro Cicali
fantasia per la lentezza
Keywords: chitarra e synth; fantasia
Downloads: 9
[audio]Fantasia Commentary
I comment on Disney's 3rd full length animated feature. One of my personal favorite.
Keywords: Fantasia Disney Stokowski
Downloads: 113
[audio]Ultrafast Asilo Do Sci Fi - Ultrateam
podcast do site ultrafantasia.com
Keywords: fantasia; sci fi; trash
Downloads: 206
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Street fighter special - The Rev
Original Release date July 13th 2011 A look back though 24 years of Street Fighter history almost every game in the series is covered.
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia Street Fighter
Downloads: 107
[audio]Fantasia Orchestral Gradozero - Mike Alemany
Instrumental Orchestral Gradozero
Keywords: fantasia; orchestral; gradozero
Downloads: 96
[audio]Ultrafast 2 Coisas Sobre Senhor Dos Aneis - Ultrateam
podcast sobre fantasia e sci fi do site www.ultrafantasia.com
Keywords: fantasia; tolkien; meyer
Downloads: 219
[audio]Ultracast Misoginia Na Mídia - Ultrateam
podcast de fantasia 
Keywords: fantasia; misoginia; ultrafantasia
Downloads: 213
[movies]Retrocade Sega Episode 3 Sonic Gem Collection - The Rev
The Last upload before the sonic 20th Anniversary Special
Keywords: Retrocade Fantasia Sonic gems
Downloads: 66
[audio]IUMA: State of Mind Fantasia
SOMfantasia is a one piece experimental electronic band by Brandon Walz, former member of local alternative group, No Diving. Now going solo, he makes the world think about life through his music.
Keywords: State of Mind Fantasia
Downloads: 7
[audio]VerdHugos Podcast S02E01 - Teaser 1 - Miquel Codony, Josep Maria Oriol, Pedro Roman, Elias Combarro
Redoble de tambores para... la segunda temporada del Podcast de Los VerdHugos
Keywords: ciencia ficcion; fantasia; verdhugos; literatura
Downloads: 49
[audio]VerdHugos Podcast S02E01 - Teaser 2 - Miquel Codony, Josep Maria Oriol, Pedro Roman, Elias Combarro
Parece que algunos VerdHugos se lo pasaron bastante bien en el Festival Celsius 232 de Aviles...
Keywords: ciencia ficcion; fantasia; verdhugos; literatura
Downloads: 47
[audio]El Reino Del Cuento - Jorge Ballesteros
Descubriendo tu imaginación.
Keywords: cuentos; relatos; historias; imaginacion; fantasia
Downloads: 54
[audio]Ultrafast Game Of Thrones S 03 E 09 - Ultrateam
Podcast brasileiro de Game of Thrones. Visite o site http://www.ultrafantasia.com para os shownotes, assinar o feed e muito mais,
Keywords: fantasia; podcast; game of thrones
Downloads: 1,901
[audio]Verdhugos Podcast S02E02 - Miquel Codony, Josep Maria Oriol, Pedro Roman, Elias Combarro
En este episodio realizamos un pequenÌo resumen de la actualidad de la literatura fantaÌstica centrado especialmente en la resolucioÌn de los premios World Fantasy Awards y la publicacioÌn de la antologiÌa de ciencia ficcioÌn contemporaÌnea en EspanÌol Terra Nova, asi como un resumen del año 2012 en una tertulia larga y jugosa.
Keywords: ciencia ficcion; fantasia; literatura; podcast
Downloads: 721
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